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Prof. M.S. Rawat
From: 2013

There is active participation student in college sport activities and in inter-collegiate tournament organized by H.N.B.Gharwal University & Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University. College team participate in the following inter collegiate Tournaments.
1- Football – M2 - Atheletics - M & F
3- Kabaddi4- Cricket - M
5- Juddo – F6- Volleyball – M & F

Name of the students participated in North Zone/ position holder in inter collegiate Tournament

Session 2015-16
1 Km Manshi Binjola B. Com I TT Runner
2 Manpreet Singh Short Put II
3 Km Shagufta B.A. I Javelin II
4 Km Shagufta B.A. I Heptathalin II
5 Km Manshi Binjola B. Com. I TT North Zone
Session 2016-17
1 Km Shagufta B.A. II Javelin I
2 Harjeet Singh M.A. I Cricket North Zone
Session 2017-18
1 Sachin B.Sc. II Sem High Jump III
2 Km Shagufta B.A. III Javelin III
3 Himanshu Bisht B.A. I Sem Vollyball North Zone
Session 2018-19
1 Km Taniya Thapa B.Com I Sem Vollyball North Zone
2 Reena Krishali B.A. I Sem Vollyball North Zone
3 Shakshi Chauhwan B.A. I Sem Vollyball North Zone
Session 2019-20
1 Aman Dev B.A. III Sem Discuss Through II
2 Aman Dev B.A. III Sem Discuss Through II
3 Km Manshi B.A.III Sem High Jump I
4 Km Pooja Pundir B.A. I Sem Badha Dauda I
5 Kajal Lodhi B.A. I Sem Long Jump &1500m III
6 Km Shusma Thalwal B.A. I Sem Badha Dauda III
7 Himanshu Bisht B.A. V Sem Vollyball North Zone
8 Sanjana Negi B.A. V Sem Juddo North Zone