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Higher education at present is facing numerous challenges worldwide. With the world shrinking into a village with the advent of the concept of "globalization", education, in general, has witnessed a rapid change. New policies need to be formulated to give fresh impetus to Higher Education, as it has to adjust itself to the changing scenario of the world and prepare the new generation to the future challenges it may encounter due to growing reckless materialistic competition, degradation of human values, and imminent threat of depletion of water resources, global warming and similar environmental disturbances.

I expect our website to mirror various activities of the college. The college has made leap and bound progress from its inception in 2001 and is now being recognised at the state level for its achievements both in academic and co-curricular activities. We are striving hard to develop it into a "Centre of Excellence", so as to extend its benefits to the rural populace of Doiwala. Our learned and efficient faculty is working tirelessly to convert our college into one of the premier colleges of the state in all respects and we are sure to reach our destination as intended. The college has proved itself to be a trendsetter in introducing college uniform to all the students. We have an actively functional "Parents Teachers Association" as well as an "Alumni Association". The college is publishing its magazine, namely, "Dharohar" and a college newsletter "SansthaDarpan" on a regular basis which have been widely eulogised by the intellectuals as well as the state Higher Education authorities. Students of the college are participating in College and University level sports competitions from time to time. Annual sports are held on a regular basis and the students actively participated in NSS, Rovers & Rangers and Red Ribbon Club activities. From this academic session 2018-19, a unit of NCC is established in this college. Which will be beneficial to the students. Departmental Associations are instrumental in bringing forth the hidden talent of the students. I wish the students of the college success in all walks of life, but I must reiterate that there is no substitute to hard work. I assure that the college will make all out efforts to see that the students of the college get proper placement opportunities after completing their formal education and may serve the society as well as the state and country to the best of their abilities. I am sure that we together may achieve all our goals and missions and we will continue working hard to see that the students of the college accomplish success in their lives.

I extend my best wishes to all the parents, teachers, and students for their future endeavours.

Dr. D.C. Nainwal