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AISHE (All India Survey on Higher Education)

All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) was established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development for conducting an annual web based survey, in the year 2010-11 with reference date of 30 September, 2010 to build in a robust database and to assess the correct picture of higher education in the country. The AISHE has a target of achieving 30% Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) in higher education by 2020. The portal has been implemented for the teachers called ‘Gurujans’ to collect details of the teachers. The ratio of gender representation, Gender Parity Index (GPI) has improved from 0.86 to 0.94 with the increase in the number of educational institutions. This shows that more students are opting for higher education in India.

Identify and capture all the institution of higher learning in the country.
Collect data from all the higher education institution on various aspects of higher education

Data collection
Collection of data is done under the following categories-:
Institutional basic details
Teaching details
Details of non-teaching staff
Programme conducted under various heads.
Availability of infrastructure
Scholarships, loans & accreditation

Students enrolled in this college in the year 2018-19

Total number of students enrolled in the departments Total number of girls enrolled in the departments Total number of boys enrolled in the department

Number of students passed/awarded degree during the year 1st October,2017 to September, 2018

Total number of students appeared in final year examination Total number of students passed/awarded degree in regular mode Total number of girls passed/awarded degree in regular mode Total number of boys passed/awarded degree in regular mode-158

AISHE reports are available on the website of Ministry http://www.mhrd.gov.in and on the AISHE portal http://www.aishe.gov.in
Nodal officer AISHE:
Dr Vandana Gaur
S.D.M Govt. Degree P.G. College, Doiwala